With the help of Mano a Mano I collected and shipped lots of firefighting and search and rescue equipment to a group in Cochabamba, Bolivia. They are a non-funded volunteer department that provides firefighting and search and rescue services for free. They also teach CPR and safety at businesses in the city.

gettingthegear_small.jpg scbaequipment_small.jpg anothercarload_small.jpg stuffedfull_small.jpg
dumbooneinaction_small.jpg boxesandboxes_small.jpg openingboxes_small.jpg checkinggear_small.jpg
sorting_small.jpg inventoryingtanks_small.jpg lotsofairtanks_small.jpg alotofscbas_small.jpg
piledhighoutsidesarheadquarters_small.jpg patriciaymario_small.jpg mariopointsoutmorestuff_small.jpg checkingthelist_small.jpg
backboards_small.jpg passdevices_small.jpg turnoutgear_small.jpg medicalstuff_small.jpg
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