Mano a Mano collects medical supplies and sends them to Bolivia. In Bolivia they build clinics and schools. They have also built roads and runways.

I have a blog of the project now.

Clinics marked in Google Earth.

Hello visitors!
If you have pictures of a Mano a Mano project (clinic or school), and would like to share them, please send them to me. I will add them to the database and they will show up when someone looks at that project.
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I have sent some GPS units to Bolivia. Do you have knowledge of loading maps into a GPS and creating roads? In the USA this is easy because the maps and roads are readily available. Bolivia does not have this.

This site is really just for development of the idea to show the projects. At some point I will know enough, and have collected enough information to have a functional version on the real Mano a Mano website.

Clinics and Schools and Runways and Roads in my database
map of Bolivia
Try list and project with frames

Map resources
IGM - Bolivia Military
World Trade Press

Mapping resources
Name Site Notes
Falling Rain Locate small villages
Index Mundi Locate villages
Maplandia Can do google earth Map and locate, tag
Panoramio pictures to show on Google Earth
Geody Maps, towns
Agua Bolivia interactive picking of departments and municipalities
East View Cartographic topographic maps
Geo Names
Tool Server locate by lat,long link to other possible sites

I have been thinking of getting T-Shirts for the folks who work at the warehouse.
I had to come up with a name first. It struck me that we could use the common
mispronounciation of Mano, which is Mono, which means Monkey.
I made up a logo for us.
Monos Logo

Joan's 2008 Awards
article about Mission trips

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