Spanish Information

We took a trip to Guatemala to attend a Spanish language school in September 2005. Here are some pictures from that trip. We attended the Proyecto Lingüistico Quetzalteco de Español. is nice website that ranks many schools in Guatemala.

We have taken classes at home as well. The Saint Paul community education is where we started. We also enjoyed classes at the Resource Center for the Americas. Unfortunately they have closed (2007). We attended classes at the Spanish Institute as well. Now we are going to the International Institute. Many of the instructors from the Resource Center teach there now.

We have purchased many resources. We really like the Pimsleur Spanish audio learning system. We got some nice flash cards for kids at Trend Enterprises

We also enjoy watching Destinos. A video learning program. We have it on DVD. You can watch it online at A woman lawyer travels the globe looking for a man's relatives. You get to hear people speaking Spanish with several accents. There are books available for studying as well.

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