Product Company Link Comment/Description
Filezilla FTP transfer
FireFox Mozilla browser
Thunderbird Mozilla email
MozBackup back up Thunderbird and Firefox
Take Command Console/LE JP Software enhanced command shell
HTML-Kit Chami HTML editor with ftp
Help N Doc IBE software free help file generator
save2ftp AVPsoft file change, timed FTP transfer
Web Album Generator Generate website for pictures
Mapped Web Album Generator Jet Photo Generate website for pictures with map
Xenu Website checker
tftp32 TFTP server
TeraTerm Terminal emulator
Ponderosa Terminal emulator
YAT Terminal emulator (at bottom of page)
MTTY Netburner Terminal emulator & TFTP server
TxtPrint Print files
VCW Vicman Photo Editor Vicman Edit images
Irfan Viewer View/change images
XnView View/change images
Magnifier screen magnifier
GeoHTML define areas on map for hot spots
GeoSetter tag photos from data from GPS
Web Camera Viewer Softology Capture images
Aida32 System report
CD Burner XP CD/DVD burner
Metapad Editor
Notepad++ Editor
CSVed Sam Francke CSV Editor (comma separated values)
Sendto Any Microsoft [can't get w95 powertoy 5/2018] Add send to anywhere
FilZip ZIP file tool
Foxit Reader Foxit Read PDF files
Nitro Reader Nitro Read PDF files
BG Info SysInternals Show system on desktop
PortMon SysInternals Monitor serial and parallel port
COM port emulator Aggsoft puts data onto serial port
Drive Manager Alex Nolan Show drive info + SMART, also has system info program
Clonezilla System cloner
HHD hex editor HHD software hex editor
lcc C compiler
CDex CD rip, play
Audacity Audio edit, rip, play
MP3split split long MP3 files
MP3gain set gain/volume of files to be the same
Dorgem Webcam FTP/capture
FWink Webcam FTP/capture
MPlayer classic Guliverkli Project on Old media player
TreeSize JAM Software Show list of all files sorted by size
ImgBurn DVD/CD ripper/burner (replaced DVD decrypter)
DVD Identifier DVD/CD media ID
Ad Aware Ad Aware Spyware detection
SpyBot Spyware detection
Defender Microsoft [no longer supported 5/2018] Spyware detection
Firewall Comodo Firewall
Ethereal IP packet capture
Free Pascal compiler
Cygwin unix command line tools
Subversion version control
Wamp server, php, mysql
AVG Grisoft anti virus
AntiVir Avira anti virus
HTTrack Website copy
NetCPS check network speed
PingPlotter Trace route to URL
RAM disk code guru
VLC video view VideoLan video player
ExamDiff Prestosoft file compare
FotoTagger Add text with arrow to images
Clock GlJakal simple analog clock
USBDeview NirSoft Show USB devices on your system
Startup Control Panel Mike Lin Interactive view/change startup programs
Xpsyspad Show windows settings
AvaCam RGS-Avance simple webcam viewer
AstroGrep file search

Other lists of utilities

Product Company Link Comment/Description List of tools List of tools
Major Geeks Download site
Crucial Memory upgrade
Just say no to Microsoft Microsoft alternatives
Free Desktop GlJakal Talks about free desktop (office suite, graphic, editor, compiler)
Portable Apps various apps to run on flash drive
Terabyte Unlimited utilities to make bootable disks
Green Parrots Show clock with date/calendar, make auto run CD

Other lists
Product Company Link Comment/Description
phpGEDview family tree on web
PHPbb forum
Barts Disk creation, image, boot
SysInternals (now Microsoft) Port mon
Spinrite Gibson Research Several other freebies