Our House

Our house was built in 1922. This is when most of the houses in the area were built because the Ford plant had opened about that time.

east shot north shot south shot

[June 2001] My offer had been accepted so I would get the house. My parents were visiting from California and I got the realtor to get us into the house. I also took pictures for the insurance agent. My friend Jeff was with us too.

dining room kitchen kitchen
upstairs bedroom upstairs bedroom

There was no shower. I installed a tub surround so we could shower. I even put in an exhaust fan. I replaced the wall mounted sink with a pedestal sink and put up new towel bars.

main bath before main bath before main bath sink bath shower bare bath shower

[2002] The shingles needed replacing when I bought the house. I had Bob & Sons redo it in 2002 since it is steep and has several small areas.

[2002] I remodeled the upstairs bedroom in 2002. Increase the size of the closet and made it a walk in closet with built in drawers. Added built in drawers in the knee walls. Added air channels in the ceiling.

up bedroom
before remodel
up bedroom up bedroom up bedroom

In 2002 we put in a temporary kitchen sink and cabinet. This gave us 3 feet of counter and a sink that was above our waist.

old kitchen old kitchen quick kitchen quick kitchen

In 2003 we had our kitchen remodeled. We also added a bathroom on the second floor. The floors to the kitchen and bedrooms were resurfaced.
new kitchen new bath new bath

We also had our windows revamped into tilt outs. Same sashes and panes, just new hardware.

In 2005 we had to have our sewer line replaced. We also replaced our lead water main. Unfortunately we lost our elm tree.

sewer sewer sewer sewer

[2006] The continuation of the sewer project was the new front sidewalk. The street originally had bricks. Several years ago it was repaved. The bricks were used to make boulevard walks. We pulled them up and lined the new sidewalk with them. This was followed by a new lawn and retaining wall.

sidewalk sidewalk lawn lawn

[2007] We installed a egress window in the basement so that we would get more light down there.

egress egress

[2007] I have made a dance floor in the basement. It is removable.
floor floor

[2011] Chimney work. Top row of bricks were crumbling.

[2012] New two car garage. Tear down old one, put up new one.
Tear down pictures, Cement work
garage garage

[2013] New backyard landscaping.
Take out everything. Get a patio and new deck.
patio deck

[2015] New upstairs windows
Original windows were pretty basic. We had Renewal by Andersen replace them
Two casement windows toward the street. Now they open out instead of in.
Replace dormer windows with a dual slider window.

[2016] Upgrade Garage electricity
Got a Chevy Volt and needed faster charging.
Upgraded garage to have 100 AMP 220V service.
Upgraded house with 200 AMP service