Robin and Joel's Kitchen Remodel

Last update: Wed 23 June 2004
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My friend Bruce is also remodeling his kitchen

So what does the remodel project entail? The house we live in was built in 1922. When I bought the house in July 2001 the people who owned had lived there since 1940. The kitchen had not been updated. This meant a built in buffet with a small counter and a wall hung sink. Right before our wedding in September 2002 my Father and I replaced the sink with a two basin modern sink. Now we had counter, almost three feet!

We decided we needed a better layout. We went to the Metrodome to a small remodeling fair. We met Chuck Irmiter who does remodeling. He will be doing our work. His wife came over and measured and designed a new kitchen. We are also planning on putting a bathroom on the second floor. That way we will have one on the same floor that we sleep on.

The biggest problem with the kitchen was the placement of the refrigerator. They solved that by moving our existing door into the kitchen to create a corner for the fridge. We are moving the sink under a window on the side of the house and adding a dishwasher. The big dilemma was the built in buffet. It is very typical for houses in our area. Some houses have dining room buffets, some have kitchen buffets. Robin wanted a eating nook. We decided to take out the buffet and add a bay window for our nook. Don't worry about the buffet. We are using parts of it in our rear entry way.

[Since the project has been over for some time I will show the before and after pictures here. You can look over the progress by clicking on the links below.]

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We started out with new furniture (Mon 24 Mar 2003)

Before pictures (Sun 23 Mar 2003)

Getting ready for floor work (Sun 23 Mar 2003)

Pulling out the buffet (Sat 22 Mar 2003)

Temporary Kitchen (Sun 23 Mar 2003)

Sanding and finishing the floor (Mon 24 Mar 2003)

Insulation removal for new bathroom (Mon 7 Apr 2003)

Demolish the kitchen and bath (Tues 8 Apr 2003)

New plumbing going in (Fri 11 Apr 2003)

Electrical wiring going in (Wed 16 Apr 2003)

Hole for bay window (Tues 15 Apr 2003)

Basement plumbing (Thur 17 Apr 2003)

Wallboard goes up in kitchen (Thur 17 Apr 2003)

New kitchen doorway (Tues 22 Apr 2003)

New kitchen cabinets go in (Wed 30 Apr 2003)

Stairway plastering (Sun 20 Apr 2003)

End is near (Thur 8 May 2003)

More bathroom work (Thur 8 May 2003)

Installing trim in kitchen (Tues 13 May 2003)

Needed to buy new washer (Mon 12 May 2003)

The kitchen is finished (Mon 19 May 2003)

Working on upstairs bath (Mon 4 Aug 2003)

Finishing upstairs bath (Mon 29 Sept 2003)

Installing buffet in rear entry (Nov 2003)

Upgrading windows too (Nov 2003)