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1-1=Slept late, watched Rose parade, took down tree.

1-8=Cliff moved into new Calif. home.

3-13=Don/Pat flew to Dallas

3-14=Don got new Buick Electra

4-9=Six inch snow. No work for Dad.           4-10= Car stuck = no work for Dad

4-22=To Earl/Barb for Easter dinner.

4-26=To Jeff. High school for Sheryl into National Honor Society.

5-3=Spent 2 day in Marshalltown at convention

5-28=Memorial day services on bridge then to Lindale plaza.

6-7=Paula and Sheryl’s Graduation. Nice reception at Earl’s for Sheryl.

6-10=Paula’s reception

6-15=Had obsence phone call.

6-16=Lu had car wreck

6-17=Dad to Shrine circus with Bruce.

6-18=Dad sick all night. [Beginning of 2 month ordeal with gall bladder!]

6-19=Dad to Dr.         6-22&25&26= Dad had x-rays 

6-29=I’m better today.           6-30=I’m feeling a lot better.

7-3=Lu and Larry took for a spin in their new car.

7-4=With Don/Pat to Ames and Ledges state park

7-5=Dad to surgery at Mercy hosp.

7-6=Botz/Lu drove up about 8:30 PM.

7-10=Dad back to hosp. 7-11=Surgery.. 7-14=Dad much better, had a lot of company.

7-17=Dad draining badly. Had liquid diet.     7-18=Dad better.        7-22=Dad’s leg swollen. Upped his food

7-25=Dad on soft diet.            7-29=Dad HOME

8-4=Dad at 160#’s     Dad drove car to store.

8-6=Trip to NE Iowa w/ Geo/Mae. Caught 4 fish at trout farm at Clayton, Iowa.

8-10=Dad to Mercy hosp. Emergency

8-12=Lu to St.Lukes hosp.

8-17=To Minn. W/ Lu to get Larry. Stopped in Farmington and Austin.

8-24=Got new TV. Old one blurry.

9-4=Dad back to work

9-13=Paul/Lu on trip to Cinn., Ohio.

10-12=V.P.Agnew replaced by G. Ford. To Bruce’s birthday party w/ Don & Pat at Sambo’s.

10=25=Painted walls and washed curtains

10-29=Heard about Nadines accident.

11-6=Our 47th anniversary.

11=22=Thanksgiving dinner at Don/Pats.

11-24=Got a letter from Sweden.

12-11=Veg. For dinner for Sen. Citizens at church.

12-23=Sunday before Christmas. Total 31 here. Wonderful day.

12-25=Cliff and family here from Calif. 34 here.

12-31=Took Christmas decorations down.

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