The diaries of Dorothea and Harry Lagerquist

Notes about the excerpting of the diaries of Mom and Dad {Anna Dorothea Neilsen Lagerquist (October 27, 1907 - August 30, 1976) and Robert Harry Lagerquist (August 16, 1900 - February 18, 1982)}. These are from 1960-1981 diaries/journal/desk notes. The originals are in the keeping of Karla Jean Halter Duff in Volga City Iowa.

I found the whole opportunity to be quite fun and interesting. I tried to include items of interest and 'importance' like birthdays and sicknesses. I included some funny ones and some that showed personal things. I'll leave it to you to find those. Usually I transcribed the data as it was written. If I commented or clarified any data I enclosed that information in [ brackets]. I can't vouch for the accuracy or truthfulness of any the data that I copied. I actually found a couple of errors, which I omitted. I also omitted all but one or 2 negative items [about now dead persons only].

I tried to represent all families equally in quantity of notes. There were many entries of people [friends, neighbors and family] visiting or calling, or the same daily events, or weather, or routine things any one would expect. Although I left most of these out, they do show how [both good and bad] things were in those years.

Clifford Lagerquist
December 2006

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