My personal weather reports. I have been collecting weather data since December 2004.
I have another station at work. There is a link to it below.

After almost a year I have the new Davis Vantage Vue on-line (2013).
Running World community grid too.
Another PC to control [11/2018]

I have stopped logging my OSI WMR928 station to Weather Underground.
Most of the outdoor sensors have failed. I have spares but since I
have the Davis running I am not going to attempt to get it running
again. [6/2020]

My weather reports

(time info)
Oregon Sci WMR-968 information ------ Davis Vantage Vue information
no temp
no wind
Indoor (@ 13:45 07/26/2020)
main 79.2° F 42 %
up 79.7° F 44 %
down 0.0° F 0 %
68.6° F 96 %
0.0 mph
Indoor (@ 00:30 08/18/2022)
main 81.2° F 58 %
up 0.0° F 0 %
down 0.0° F 0 %

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I copy the pictures by hand
so the last few days might be missing

I post my weather to Weather Underground. Here is their report.


Davis Vue

You can click on the icons to go to the Weather Underground site.
There are some webcam images stored on the WeatherUnderground site. You can see a time lapse composite.

Other local weather sites

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Univ of St Thomas NWS in Chanhassen
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Snow Emergency Sites for Twin Cities

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Reporting potholes for Twin Cities

My weather station
I have an Oregon Scientific WMR-968 wireless weather station. Installed 12/2004.
This station has indoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, and rain.
Also have a Davis Vantage Vue. Installed 8/2012.

Host Computers
For the first 9 years I ran with a Dell Optiplex GX200, 930 MHz PIII, 512 MB RAM. APC Backup Pro 420 UPS.
Then to a reclaimed Dell Opticplex GX270, 2.8 GHz P4, 2 GB RAM. APC Backup Pro 420 UPS.
Then bought a used Dell Precision 790 for both stations [5/20/2017].
Dell 790 stopped working (didn't like the heat?), went to an old Asus I had laying around
Bought used Lenovo Tiny PC M72e 4004, 2.9 GHz i5-3470T, 4 GB RAM.

I started using FreeWX to collect the information from the station.
Ran with that from 2004 to 2011. No updates since 2006. Stops running regularly.
Now using Cumulus.
North webcam: Philips Vesta Scan PCVC 690K
I installed it around 15 December 2004.

Weather updates to WeatherUnderground every 15 minutes,
Pictures and weather on this page every 10 minutes.

Our rain barrel. Made by GardenWare.
Good reference at
Natural Rain Water

Pictures of weather stations

Weather related websites

Weather Underground Weather Matrix

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