I have an Oregon Scientific WMR-968 wireless weather station.

Basic system
Note: In this picture the aeronometer is not set correctly.
This is a picture of the components
that make up my weather station

This station has been sold by other companys as well; Radio Shack and Huger. The nice thing about Radio Shack is that they have excellent documentation. One site I found said, and I agree, "get this documentation if you haven't done so". They also have parts lists and expanded views of the pieces. Radio Shack calls this product a 433MHz Wireless Weather Station, Catalog # 63-1016.

The station has a base station that displays all the current conditions. It has a serial connection to a PC so the PC can collection weather data. The sensors are wireless, so you don't have to run wires out to them from the base unit. They have solar panels to charge niCad batteries and some AA cells for backup if the sun hasn't been out for a while.

I have seven sensors. One is an indoor thermohygrometer with barometer. This means it gets temperature and humidity. Outside I have a rain gauge, an anemometer, and another thermohygrometer.  Three more inside: a cabled temperature only one in the attic and a thermohygrometer upstairs and in the basement.

outdoor temp
Outdoor thermohygrometer
rain sensor
Rain gauge
aerometer (shown vertical not horizontal)
indoor temp
indoor thermohygrometer

In order to get proper outdoor temperature readings you need to shield your thermometer from the sun. This is done with a Stevenson screen. I built mine with flower pot bases. I found the information here. I mounted the screen on the top of our clothes line pole.  Since I took the pictures I added some window screen around the outside to keep bugs from making nests inside.

close up on pole
on pole pole height

The actual numbers of the sensors I have.

Number Type
WMR968 Main console
RGR968 Rain Gage
THGR968 Thermo/hygrometer outdoor (temperature/humidity)
WGR968 anemometer (wind speed/direction)
BTHR968 Indoor barometer, thermometer, hygrometer
THGR268 thermo/hygrometer (with LCD)
THC238 cabled thermometer

Radio Shack has replacement rechargable batteries. I thought they were NiCads but these are NiMH. Found the reference at WxForum.net.

Weather Station Software
There are several companies that have written software to talk with weather stations. I looked at lists from The Weather Matrix snd Weather Underground. Here are links to those I have looked into (in no particular order). There are many others.

FreeWX Virtual Weather Station
WeatherView32 WeatherDisplay
Cumulus WuHu

Other sites of interest

Serial port monitor
SystemInternals.com has great utilities for free.
This one monitors serial and parallel port activity.
Use it to watch how your software talks to your station.
Document describing several
Weather station protocols