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1959=Jim Cline [stepdad?] died 12-17-59

1-1=Iver, Mae and Geo. came at 3 AM and left at 5

1-6=1960-Mom ‘lost’ IA city vet’s job!

1-14=to red cross convention at Roosevelt hotel

1-28=-to Navy Mother Club of America

2-6=brought Frank [Cline] back from Palo

2-19=Cast on arm / self removed 3-8

2-22=‘k’ under arm                !!!!

3-5=Iver working at Embassy club- sometimes!- in jail and out 3-7

3-18= had Avon products party

3-19=Iver lost job at E club. [therefore in and out of the picture and house]

4-9=E & B kids baptized, Paul confirmed, Joel baptized

4-16=Scott Alan L born, 9 am, 6# 13 oz., 18"

4-21=Ia city vets awards lunch

4-23=Jim Anderson visited with N, K, J,& P

5-8=Susan Anderson 1st communion at St. Pats

5-13=”Iver read note & did what it said. Harry scolded me for not giving him a chance.”

6-18=Wilbur bought ‘58 Impala (white and red uphol. Gave Lydia spoon and saucer.

6-28=Planning CA trip with Nadine

7-3= to Mich.

7-8=Pearl Bjorke called @7:30. Harry got her from station. Stayed until 2:05 train. Took back to station.

7-15=Sheryl & Greg got mumps

7-22=Left for CA. Stopped at Cliff’s in Ottumwa

7-23=Stopped at Chanute, Kan.(Dad’s birth place) , to Tulsa, OK - saw many oil wells

7-26= to AZ, petrified forest,& painted desert. To Holbrook Motel. 95 degrees!

7-27=Grand canyon, Kingston, AZ. 90% humid.

7-28=Hoover dam- 110 degrees- Las Vagus- Baker, CA , to Edith Thompson, 103 deg.

7-29=Knotts Dairy farm- to Paul/Flo L’s- 2.5 hr ocean cruise

8-1=Disneyland, monorail ride

8-2=to San Juan Cap mission w/ Carolyn - fed birds. Coronado island & Tijuana, Mex

8-3=to Pasadena (Mrs. Caldwell) Left purse in Long Beach!! To Lumpoc CA in fog

8-4=to San Jose

8-5=Redwood forest & Palo Alto

8-6&8=to Oakland & Sacramento then to Wendover Nev- many Mts.

8-8=Salt Lake- Mormon Temp., capitol-Whispered in tabernacle

8-9=Thru Steamboat Sprgs & into Denver & Merle L’s

8-8=To Omaha & C. Bluffs. Car trouble en route to DesMoines

8-12=Home after 5872 miles [7-22 to 8-12]

8-18= DeAne 5 years old.

8-21=to Ottumwa Sat. Eve and Sunday= church

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8-23= My mom’s 81st birthday

8-23=Wilbur get IFU printers diploma

9-23=Jim and Nadine married, Hannibal, MO (Harry J. Anderson)

9-11=Earl fixed antenna, to Collins Radio open house

9-20= sick in bed 9 days

10-2=”had to refuse ‘x’ a $2.50 loan” !!

10-28= to Earls/Barbs nice 517 2nd Ave. SW home

11-6=to Homestead, IA for Anniv. Dinner, P&L, N&J, HRL and me.


11-11=carried Armist. day flag

11-12= Kathy sold cards

11-17=Toy party with Lucille

11-24=9 here for Thanksgiving

11-25=Wilbur to Dr. With Gall bladder attack, got a shot

11-29=Molly and Andy’s 56th Anniv.

12-2=Dad & my watch to Jeweler

12-5= Scissors to be sharpened

12-9=Cards out [177 on a list]

12-15=Todd had a bad heart attack 12-4, Omaha, NE- called Molly & Andy, Kate & Theo, Iver & Bea, Barb and Wes [Mom’s nephew by Todd]      Wrapped Xmas gifts 

12-20= Wilbur had GB operation in hosp.at 1:20      Home Dec. 27th.

12-24=9 here for Xmas eve

12-25=visited E, P, D, W ( in hosp)

12-26=Cliff & Lydia here for Xmas, from 3-7 PM

12-31=N. Y. Eve.

**In 1961 diary**

12-29=Got dad watch $20.

12-30=Iver and Bea came over

12-31=Paul, Lu & Kagans nere. To Kate & Theo’s. Iver & Bea came here. Geo & Mae here 3 to 6 oclock

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