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1-1=We slept in. Rained all day. I was sick.

1-2=Todd at Iver’s, didn’t get in.

1-9=Earl here, said Barb had pneumonia.

1-14=Mrs.Dick Brown ran into back of car. $207 damage.

1=15=I didn’t bowl. Pain in Chest.   Barb had tooth pulled..

1-17=Dizzy all evening

1-18=Call from social security about Todd.               To IC VA hosp. weekly .

1-22=Weekend at Camp Heritage with Pat & Susan. ? Did first aid while there, 3 times.

1-29=Navy Mom’s at Roosevelt H.               Did sewing at coliseum, often.

1-30=Sink spray leaked. Dad worked hours on it.

2-7=Iver & Bea moved to 412 ½ 2nd Ave. Mt. Vernon, IA.

2-8=Nadine broke ankle. Operation at Mercy Hosp. Added surgery on the 14th.

2-15=Harry hurt ankle. I bandaged and iced it all eve. and night.

2-27=Taught Mrs. Hansen to do crossword puzzles. [Helped many time during year]

3-3=Hurt leg while getting to Alberto’s car after Ada’s funeral.

3-15=Dad took Susan to camp fire girls.        Wilbur got new 65 Dodge Dart, Maroon and Bl.

3-15=Wilbur rented Hansen’s garage [barn stall] for $5.

4-1=Declined $200 loan requested by Iver.

4-9=Navy Mom’s convention in Marshalltown for 3 days

4-18=Easter ham dinner at Don & Pat’s.        Nice.

4-19=I bowl 525!        Dad worked several days on some project at Hansen’s.

4-29=Had surgery on gums, no fun!

4-30=Got bowling pin for high game of 189.             [both bowled almost weekly]

5-20=To see Dr, O’Brian about eyes.            Also to Dr. Bomkamp on 21st.[?]

5-22=Scout A Rama at Hawkeye Downs.

5-23=To Cedar Falls with Geo & Mae to see Aunt Mary.

5-27=Helped at City Barns 3 time in May. [why?]

5-30=Baccalaureate at Washington Senior high school. Visit cemetery with Don & Pat

5-31=Memorial day bridge services.

6-3=Bill from roofer $32.50. Ins. Adjuster left $42.50.

6-4=Kathy’s graduation at Kingston stadium.

6-9=Final $47 car payment.               [She often did other women’s hair, cut, roll or perm.]

5-10=2 ½ day retreat for Red Cross at Camp Wapise Y.

6-19=Dad rebuilding front porch steps.

6-23=Had wonderful steak supper at Don’s for his Birthday.

6-27=Face sore. To Mercy hosp. Partial gland infection. Treatment = ice, antibio’s and pain pill.

6-28=Did crossword puzzle.   ALL of it this time.

7-1=Earl sold house.               To Sheryl’s birthday party.

7-4=Wilbur got new camper and to Backbone state park.. Lydia & Cliff to Paul’s Holiday lake.

7-11=To Lake Okobji with Geo & Mae, overnite.

7-12=Dad goes to Soc. Sec. office

7-13=Earl got house at 1256 18th avenue SW

7-17=Dad to get glasses 

7-22=Vacation to Paul’s lake and Cliff’s. Got sun burned

1965 page 2 of 2

7-24=Cliff’s left for NY worlds fair vacation.

8-3=Face started to hurt and swell.

8-10=To Aunt Molly’s 82nd birthday. Helped Andy with the dinner.

8-12=Had house appraised and looked at one at $11,800. By Jack Phillips

8-14=Dad got retirement watch at Nash Finch Picnic                        Kathy got engaged.

8-17=Nadine and Jim leave for 2 week vacation to Geogia.

8-18=Vacation at Cliff’s, State fair, Elvira’s

8-20=Many visits with Geo & or Mae, home and Log Cabin Inn, Cedar Inn or Power’s Trk. Stop

8-24=Lu had operation. In hosp. 6-7 days.

8-25=Todd asked for me. Went to see him. Looks fine. 130#. Legs bad but better.

8-31=Dad transferred from Nash Finch to Cash and Carry. 12-4 pm daily.

9-14=Baby shower for Pat.     [Bruce born on Nov.12]

9-20=Bea fell at our house and broke her hip. Iver here for supper often. Operation on the 27th

9-21=Todd called, Also on the 22nd. And 24th.

10-8=Got G.E.Transistor radio from Cliff & Lydia. Gave Lydia a perm.

10-14=Kathy’s shower

10-17=Saw wonderful “Sound of Music” with Mae G. at Times. Again on 21st with Mrs. Hanson

10-18=Squirrel in house when I got up. I didn”t feed it.

11-4=Todd called twice

11-5=Kathy’s wedding day.[To Halter] 150 people. Helped Nadine set up at D.D.Bapt. Church

11-6-Cliff got new Dodge van

11-7=Bruce Michael Baptized

11-9=Todd called at 3:30 PM from N. Hotel , 316 1st Ave NE. At 4:30 in jail for 30 days

11-12=Cut out, sewed and sold many mittens in 1965.        Todd in Jail 60 days.

11-21=Dad worked several time [Part time] at Alva lanes

11-25=Thanksgiving at Paul & Lu’s

11-26=Bea released from hosp. [Since 9-27!]

11-27=Called CRPD about ‘hanger’ in Frye’s tree!!!

11-30=Dr. Bomkamp Rx ‘d. Sulfa drug for sore throat. $2.20.

12-17=Talked to Dr. Bomkamp about sore shoulder

12-19=Wilbur & Sharon to Cliff’s and returned with Xmas gifts.

12-26= 26 present for Xmas dinner

12-28=Mae over for coffee. Washed. Got hair cut. Took down tree and cards. [Early]

From 1966 diary

12-23=Todd out of jail & called

12-24=Don & Doug in accident. Exam & x-ray, then released from hosp.

12-25=Xmas dinner at Don and Pat’s

12-31=Nice, very long New Years eve at Nadine and Jim’s. 8pm to 3 am.

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