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1-1=Dinner with Geo & Mae after nice NY eve party at Paul & Lu’s

1-3=Got Dad’s watch fixed.                           Blizzard on the 11th

1-26=Cliff & Lydia & kids here with Mrs. Keyser

1-27=Accepted VA unit chairmanship.

2-2=Drove to Cedar Falls with Geo & Mae, Had dinner with Marie & Russ.

2-10= Got back Dec.9 letter to Todd

2-21=Sent rocker & stool to be upholstered.

2-24=Prep for publishing, “Gray Lines” [RC gray ladies]

3-7=Fell and hurt my wrist.

3-12=Rocker back, $46.58. Sent davenport.

3-22=To Ames, [Cliff’s] with Wilbur & Sharon. Bjorkes there. 11 to dinner at Fjord.

3-24=House sat during Mr. Hanson’s rosary.

3-28=Easter flowers from Don & Pat, Paul & Lu. Earthquake in Alaska. Dinner at Paul’s

4-17=Scott’s birthday dessert at Don’s.

5-6=Demonstration at St. Pats school

5-10=Doug’s 1st communion at 7:15 AM

5-17=To Ames & Des Moines with Don & Pat. Elvira doing nicely.

5-22=Big fire [somewhere] 5 hrs. disaster duty.

5-27=Hosp. Oral surgery for Barbara

5-28=Greg got measles

5-30=Decoration Day services on 3rd avenue bridge. Visited Cem’s. With Don & Pat.

6-1=Exchanged letters with Wes [Neilson] at M.H. dept. in Sacramento, CA

6-12=Don & Pat’s guest at Royal Ballroom dance.

6-21=All [26] here for Dad’s day.

7-7=Sandy broke collar bone.

7-9=X-ray at Dr. Bomkamp floating- overlapping rib

8-2=To Ozarks on Vacation. Opry, boat ride, tower outlook, etc.

8-5=Home & passed Ft. Madison Pen.

8-6=TV repair $12.12. Car got checked.

8-9=To Davenport Carnival & races.

8-23=44 to fam. Picnic at Ames [cliffs]

9-4=Iver called. Side hurts.

10-14=1st swimming lesson

10-20=To C. Bluffs. Emil’s funeral. Stayed with Elsie. Red carnations for 13 of us.

10-18=Roy & Bernice dropped in. Had pancakes.

10-25=Birthday. To Rock Island, IL to eat.

10-29=Pat to Dr. Valey Surgery on the 12th.

11-21=Todd called from Roosevelt Hotel. Came from Stockton by plane & from Moline by cab.

11-26=Thanksgiving at Don’s

11-29=2 rocks thru 2 windows. 8:50 PM.. Ins. Co. Put in new ones.

11-30=Talked to Iver, Bea & Theo. (Saw Todd in cab in front of house.)

12-1=Cathy here & told me about U. Todd.[?????]

12-8=Letter to M. Hosp. In Sacramento, CA, about Todd

12-24=26 here for Xmas eve.

12-30=Got cold, sick 4 days.

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