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1-1=Worked at airport ‘til 2 AM. Paul/Lu came for champagne, cap and horn. Uncle Andy to hosp. with stroke. [She worked at airport coat room often during year.]

1-8=First visit Eric Noel in Ames w/ Geo/Mae.

1-24= To cub scout ‘gramp’ w/ Barb, Earl and Greg.

1-29=Sick.      Wes [Neilsen] visited.            Stacy sick.

2-19=To St. Pats cub scout supper w/ Don/Pat.

2-22=Visited Lu in hosp. [She, there 3 days.] [?]

3-2=To eye Dr. w/Douglas.

3-18=Wilbur here, showing Amway products

3-19=Hockey game in W’loo. w/Geo & Mae.

3-26=Easter dinner w/Don & Pat.      Cake at Earl/Barb’s.

4-2=Todd in CR hosp. 1 day. [To ICVA hosp. on 4-4. Maybe] Todd to VA 4-19. Still there

             4-26 & 5-24 & 5-31.

4-8=Didn’t feel good Did Dad’s uniform. [For Cash and Carry groc?]

4-18=To Scott’s birthday supper.

4-25=Brought something from Cedar Mem. Cem.

5-3=Three day Navy Mom’s convention in W’loo.

5-10=Stacy and tonsils.??       Sandy’s tonsils out 5-15.

5-15=Me sick 3 days.             Susan had surgery.

5-21=Roy and Botz here visiting w/ Ed after [his] surgery. Dad visited too.

5-30=Memorial services at plaza and to Cem.’s w/Pat.

6-1=Kate had more surgery, Then home.

6-22=Elvira here to visit Ed in hosp.

6-25=Weekend trip w/Geo & Mae to Wisc, Ill & Iowa. Saw ‘House on the rocks.’

6-28=Joanne had operation by W’loo. Dr.     Home 7-1.

7-3=To Sheryl’s birthday party.

7-16=Gordon, Frances & Tim here visiting Ed.

7-18=Bought additional long term care insurance.

7-28=Rode in Paul/Lu’s new station wagon.

8-1=Todd rejects idea of Old Soldiers home in Marshalltown.

8-11=Ed and Mrs, Fellows [Sharon’s Mom.] in hosp. She had surgery.       Her Dad too, 8-22.

8-16=Phil with Grandpa all day.

8-21=Dad fixed bike for Larry.          Trued bike wheel for Doug.   Also for Paula 8-27.

8-28=Don helped replace Fridge gasket.

9-10=W/Geo & Mae to Savannah [Ill], Clinton and Rock Island [Ill].

9-11=Earl to Dr. Netolicky for exam.

9-24=To W’loo. & C. Falls. Cattle congress, See Aunt Mary, Ate at Bishops.

10-2=Kate to Mercy hosp.      11-14 to IC & surgery.           [In hosp 42 days] Did her ironing.

10-14=Don helped Dad w/storm windows.

10-25=Got birthday card from IC volunteers, 27 signed.

11-23=Ed back to hosp. [He died 1-1-68]

11-26=Terrific pain on left side of face.

12-6=My back hurt terribly.

12-24=33 came, off and on at Xmas. Meals at Don’s once & Paul’s once.

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