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1-1=Edgar L. died. His brother Roy L. Died 1-6-68. Attended funerals in Marion & Sawyer,

1-15=Don & Pat moved to 1212 10th Ave. S.W

2-11=Travel to Dubuque, Manchester & Galena 

2-14=Dad bought me a valentine

2-29=Surgery at hosp.            Home on 3-1 ( I hope)

3-8=After visit with Dr. Grandon, given okay to talk. Return in 2 months. Done on 5-13.

4-2=$283.40 to 2 Dr’s and hosp.

4-20=Paul & Lu flew to CA and Chris’s wedding.

4-24=Douglas and Kathy’s divorce final.      [who?]

4-28=Travel to Dav [enport], Milan & Amana

5-2=ARC [american red cross] annual dinner. Check red dress. Pur. blue dress.

5-22=Chris shower at Pat’s

5-30=Todd here 2 hours. [Seemed] normal.

6-17=Chris in hosp. for surgery.

6-22=Cut foot, to hosp ER. Insurance $8.20.

6-25=Karla Jean born at 11:00, 6# 7 oz. 20". 6-29=Baby doll here.

7-2=Don helped Dad install air conditioner.

7-6=Earl had surgery. (Spinal anesthesia). OK 15"

7-16=Todd arrested again.

8-8=Tree down about 11 AM.            City cut up tree 8-9-68

8-18=To Navy Mom’s convention in Denver till 23rd.

8-25=To fair at Monticello with Wilbur & Sharon.

8-27 & 30=To Dr. Jacob about eyes. To Dr. Hendricks who said no of [to] retinal hemorrhages.

9-24=TV broke. Fixed. $14.17. 

10-2=Iver moved to Lisbon.               Back to CR 12-12.

10-11=Apollo landed. Lester Truman in IC hosp. Until 12-18. Kate N. to hosp. Kate dies 10-18.

10-25=Chris leaves for Hawaii.

11-3=Wilbur & Sharon shampooed carpeting.

12-14=Dad put up and trimmed tree.

12-20=Had phone changed to light weigh one.

12-22=At Don & Pat’s for dinner.

12-23=Back hurts. Fell.

12-24=To Paul & Lu’s

12-25=Nadine and Kathy here with families.

12-28=Puzzle with Mrs. Hanson\

12-31=Todd Arrested. In jail. Suspended [time].

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