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1-1=Watched parade with Geo & Mae.          To Iver & Bea’s for turkey and pie.

1-5=Dad taken to work by Geo. By Pat on the 7th. By Fuller on the 28th. [?]

2-2=Dad bought car battery. $23.13

2-12=Pat called. Sick.

4-4=To Ashbury Meth. Church. Sally -Greg confirmed

4-18=To Home Style show with Paul & Lu.

4-20=Bought a TV

4-29=Got a clock for Joanne.

5-2=To see Aunt Mary in Cedar Falls with Elise Ray and J[?] and family

5-13= To Sioux City for convention ‘til 15th.

5-21=To Hawkeye and Joanne’s graduation

5-27=Call CR Gazette about Navy Mother’s club. Weekly reports.....

6-3=Sue got diamond?

6-5=Earl helped Dad fix car.

6-21=Elvira and Merle visited 3 days.

6-29=Iver’s Bea to hosp. Had surgery on 7-22. Dies 7-24.

8-6=Edna Lagerquist dies.

8-18=Iver’s car stolen.

8-20= Trip to Des Moines to Theresa [Truman?] wedding

8-23=Theo & Marion [2nd wife] 2nd anniversary.

9-7=To Vinton for NMCA #669 convention. 

9-27=Stacy sick and to Dr.

10-5=To Fayette

10-27=My 64th birthday. Got lots of cards

11-12=Sold car [?]

11-25=Thanksgiving dinner at Don & Pat’s. Temp. = 49.

11-26=Turkey supper with Paul & L.

12-11=Earl & Barb brought tree.

12-18=Our family Xmas. Supper. All of us. Got Watch from Dad.

12-30=Earl wired jacks in TV

12-31=Dad job terminated.

From diary of 1-3-1972=Dad to N. F. [Nash Finch] & from 1-10-1972=Dad Back to work

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