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1-1=Color TV at Goodels.      Took down tree.        sold old Dodge.

1-3=Earl fixed the TV and changed the living room

1-5=Dad fell, hurt arm

2-2=X-ray at St. Lukes

2-23=Theo. Neilsen in hosp. Until 3-20

3-12=Paul here, face sore and swollen

3-29=Easter,   To Pat & Don’s,         to Paul & Lu’s,           Wilbur called

4-10=Earl & Barb accepted for new house. [Leah?]

4-18=Wilbur & Sharon brought me a new dress

4-26=DeAne confirmed.        Saw Earl & Barb’s new house.

5-1=Hear Wilbur & Sharon sold house. [Palo?]

5-10=Earl & Barb brought me an Mother’s day plant. Got many cards and gifts. Temp. = 80

5-16=Dad sawed thumb or finger, to St. Lukes ER.   Later care by Dr. Bomkamp.

5-17=Paula confirmed.          Earl rec’d high school diploma.

5-19=Got Karla profile charm for bracelet

5-27=Put stone on Carl’s grave.

5-30=Earl, Don & Dad installed air conditioner.

6-6=To Don & Pat’s for Susan’s pre senior prom.

6-8=Saw Earl’s new house. Dad helped Earl move on 6-27 ‘til 10 PM.

6-21=Dad’s day cards and gifts from Earl’s, Don’s, Wilbur’s Iver’s and me. Dad to ball game.

7-17=Shower for Christie.

7-21= Dad to ball game.

7-7=Wiring finished [by Justice Elect. Co.?]              Pat called, Bruce OK [?]

8-15= Dad to Mercy hosp. For 1st aid. [?]

8-19=Lu to hosp.- diabetic

8-21=Chris’ baby boy born. [Christopher]                 Baptized 9-20.

8-23=To a convention in Des Moines

8-24=Dad finished porch and started fence.

9-23=Dad sick. Back to work 10-5. Dr. Bomkamp said he’s got High blood pressure and inner ear infection

10-5=Sick with cold.              Underground phone lines connected.

10-9=Iver here hour or more. Exchanged words!

10-28=X-ray and flu shot. [at/for V A hosp. In Iowa City]

11-27=Thanksgiving at Earl & Barb’s new home. Then to Paul’s, then to Don’s.

12-19=Don & Pat help me trim C. tree.

12-20=Christmas at our house.

12-21=To Dr. Bomkamp about pain in breast. To St. Lukes for [?] ogram. Had shot in heart muscle. Got meds. No report from E.K.G.

12-25=Sick.                 To Pat & Don’s..

12-26/27=In bed. Lost weekend.

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