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1-3=Cliff called, vacationing in Wash. State.

1-11=Paul/Larry here. Larry got cycle.

2-23=Pot luck at church, 5-8.

2-26=TV to shop for 2 days.

3-3=Dad has car trouble. Paul and/or Pat took him to work. Paul got car fixed 3-9.

3-13=Reporting to Gazette about Navy Mother’s Club of Am. [‘Weekly’]

3-19=’Weekly’ trip to Iowa City volunteering at Vets hosp.

3-26=To Dr. With circulation problem

4-6=E/D [Earl & Don] fixed attic and roof.

4-22=To Jefferson HS to Aristotelian[?] S [?] for Greg.

4-24=To Charles City for 3 days. [?]

4-28=Dad started to work on bedroom. 4-29= Painted bedroom.


5-9=To town, 1st time for [ this ] year.           Temp. = 71F

5-25=Paul and Flo L. Visited

5-26=Decoration [Memorial] Day, nothing.

5-27=To Hawkeye, Ia. Joanne’s, Kathy’s and Nadine’s. on to Spillville, IA

6-1=Greg’s reception at 2 PM

6-2=To Dr. See...., Chiropractor         Also on the 6th.

6-18=Doug leaves for Marine camp.

7-14=Iver back to VA hosp. Later has [no good] surgery and then cobalt treatments.(8-6) Dr. put tube down his throat (8-9)

7-18=Paula moves to 629 A Ave. NW

7-20=Pat/Don visit her on bicycles.

8-6=Hurt back

8-9=Hurt hand            Doug home.[from USMC]

8-15=Earl/Barb to Kansas

8-16=Hurt arm

8-28=TV to shop

9-24=Phillip grads. at Waterloo

10-8=Bernice Lagerquist visits.

10-12=Pot luck at church       10-15=Bazaar at Olivet

10-13= TV fixed

10-19=D/S [Dave/Sue] put storms.

10-25=RCA 50 TV back

10-27=My 68th birthday

10-31=Cliff called, DeAne to [visit] Japan in Jan. 1976

11-6=Our 49th Anniversary

11-11=Armistice Day, to Coliseum

11-13=Beltone lady here at 11:00 am

11-15=Paula moves home.

12-14=Earl/Barb put up tree. Brought manger scene and skirt for tree.

12-15=Iver to I.C. [hosp.] again

12-24=To Paul/Lu’s Christmas eve. To Don/Pat’s Christmas Day. Earl/Barb visited in evening.

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