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1-1=Watched Rose Bowl parade.       I WAS DIZZY. I FELL TWICE. [see 1-15-76]

1-2=Earl put Jack on TV.       [earphone or ext. speaker]

1-6=Weekly report Gazette about Navy Mothers.

1-10=DeAne to Japan

1-14=DONE AT VA [at Iowa City hosp.]

1-15=Dad had 10:30 at Dr. Bomkamp. BP test ? I HAVE HAD A LIGHT STROKE.

1-31=Paul & 4 boys cleaned carpet.

2-1=Greg to Mercy hosp. For surgery on knee. Home on the 5th.

2-17=Got roofing estimate of $625. Installed 2-25 thru 27.

3-3=[Olivet Church] circle meeting. [on Wednesdays.] Iver in and out of IC hosp. In March.

3-12=Got tax refund.              Got letter from tax office on 3-18.

4-8=Bruce to hosp. Home 1-11.

4-18=Easter. To Amana with Don/Pat and family.

4-19=Dad and Don went to look for car.

4-27=Pat to hosp. For surgery on 4-28.

6-4=Paul/Lu and others to Grand Rapids. [for 5 days]

6-8=Sick all day.

6-15=Eggs on porch!!

6-28=Pat took me to Dr. Grandon [?]. 9:15 AM. Eye doctor.

7-5=Amy Sue born to S & D [Sue and Dave.]           7-25=1:00PM Christening at St. Pats.

7-16=Make cookies for Olivet [Church] youth bake sale.6-8 PM.

8-9=Slept all PM. [LAST DOROTHEA ENTRY!]

8-10=[FUTURE ENTRIES BY HARRY] [Mom] To hosp.

8-24=Iver pass [ed] away at 10:40 PM. Services 8-27-76 at 1:30 at Turner West.

8-30=’Mom pass [ed] away. Aug 30 -1976. 8:10 in morning’

9-1=Mom Funeral 

9-13=Worked today - Dad. [60, usually solo, entries like this in rest of 1976]

9-25=Went to store for Mary R. Dad went to church. To dinner at Mrs Crowell.

9-28=Out to Earl/Barb for [Barb] birthday cake and ice cream.

10-1=Had chicken for supper. [did] bank checks.

10-23=Went to Osage with Paul/Lu. Got home at 2 AM-Dad

10-27=Mom birthday but was not here-

11-6=’our golden anniversary’ With Paul/Lu for chicken dinner-Dad

11-11=To doctor for check up. 8:30 AM - Dad

11-12=To the hosp.‘Exray’ & heart check EKG & blood sample- Dad. 11-24= everything normal.

11-13= Went to Phillip & Sue wedding 2 PM. - Dad

11-25=Helen [Price] brought the family bible to Paul/Lu [who] brought it to me. [Permanently at rare book section of the Luther seminary library in St. Paul. Family may see it.]

11-26=Paula was here & gave her the dia[mond] ring as she is now engaged.

12-12=Joined the church

12-18=The gang was here at the house from Hawkeye and all the boys & families, grand kids and great grand kids.

12-24=Out to Paul place Christmas eve. Got [gifts] Went to church. Got some cookies.

12-25=To Pat for dinner. Got gifts. Went to church

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