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1-2=Don was here with my washing. [Often during the year. ]

3-13=To Dr. Johnson - 11:00 AM. [Also on 6-12] [And on 7-7]

3-23=Went to Dr. Bomkamp and drug store and groc. Store.

3-27=Paul [brother?] called, is in hospital. [noted: Paul died 5-13]

4-23=Paul was here.[Often] We went to Des Moines, seen sister and Marg.

4-25=Tom was here. Went home with him for Levi birthday.

5-6=Went up to Pat for supper, Sue’s birthday. Don picked me up, Dave and Sue took me home.

5-11=Went to Sawyer, Mich. Stayed all night to see Bernice.

5-12=We went [see] to Bart in Portage, Mich. for the day. Stop to [visit] some of Paul, beer can collector.

5-25=Don/Pat and the baby ]?] was here. Went to the cemetery.

5-27=Cable TV was here. Sign up for 1 month.

5-30=Paul, Tom & Larry, Scrubbed the rug.

6-6=Earl’s place 7 PM.

6-21=Don and Paul & Earl/Barb was here.

6-23=Was up to Don’s birthday supper.

7-3=Got a $43.30 raise on SS, now $432.40.

7-5=Was out to Dave/Sue’s for Amy birthday

7-11=Paul was here, fixed the belt on washer.

7-15=Earl was here & put a new A/C in. I cut my finger, had 6 stitches in it. Sold old a/c = $50.

7-22=Geo took me to the doctor. [Stitches out?]

8-5=Wilbur took me to doctor. H [hospital next 9 days]

8-16=My birthday today, 81 year old.

8-20=Went to eye doctor. [Again on 8-27 with Tom]

8-28=Tom took me to Dr. Bomkamp [9-3=Tom took me to Dr. O Brien.]

9-5=Tom was here, fix the stairway carpet. Paul was here 2 times.

9-15=Geo took me to get my driver license.

9-18=DeAne was here and stayed over night. Made breakfast and left for Chicago.

10-12=Nadine came [for 3 days] Took trunk and sign with her.

11-5=Went to doctor today and every thing was OK.

11-26=Scott took me up to Don’s. Thanksgiving. Doug took me home.

12-6=Tom was here. Put up the Christmas tree.

12-16=Geo took me to doctor.

12-20=Boys & fam. here. They had a good time. I felt bad, did not eat a thing. Paul was [here] late in evening and call the doctor. But got up feeling ill. The nurse, she told what to do.

12-21=Wilbur was here, but part of evening - later I felt better, took sleeping pill and went to bed and sleep good..

12-22=Got up feeling [?] about 9 AM. Eat breakfast- plug around to house for a while. About 2 PM, lay down and fell asleep and wake up about 4 PM. Geo was [in] to check on me - and Paul was here and did the same. Still holding my weigh.

12-24=Paul was here. I was out a little.

12-25=I did not going out to Susan’s for Christmas dinner. Don was here. Paul was here.

12-28=Hospital.[Same ‘hospital’ note for next 9 day, til 1-6-82, in the end of 1981 diary.]

***************[I, Cliff, know of no other diaries. HRL died 2-18-1982]*************

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