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1-1=color TV at Kate and Theo.

1-4=Earl’s kids have measles

1-15=Much snow Jan. To April 1962                        to Linn County home often

1-15=Sheryl has measles Wilbur and Don shoveled snow from Pauls driveway

1-20=Paul and Lu back to 5310 Kesler [CR] from Orchard

1-30=Saw 2 movies from Cliff on Geo & Maes projector

2-8=Bowl 147-142-101 [Lots of baby sitting with grand kids during year, much bowling too]

2-16=Bud & Mary Walen & 4 kids stayed 5 days. In CR for her moms [Nellie Baker] funeral

2-21=Paul returned to OK with Whalens. [no deal for Paul] Got Rx from Dr. for back ache.

2-28=went to C. Bluff with Theo. N. For [Carl?] funeral

3-3=Stacy Lynne in Hosp.

3-17=Sharon with Wilbur to our house.                     Stacy in hosp. [again]

3-21=Wilbur and Sharon engaged

3-24=Sharon and Wilbur with Frank and Jean to Webster City

4-15=Sharon moves into town

4-21=Got Easter lily form Don and Pat. Corsage from Sharon and Wilbur

4-22=Wilbur to Hawkeye Downs cycle meet. Wilbur took photo of me holding Donna Jean

5-1=Jack Alan born to Nadine at 8:15 AM. 8 # 1 oz.

5-6=Sharon and Wilbur to Denver IA 

5-30=All Lagerquists to Barb and Earls for picnic. Memorial day

6-10=Christie confirmed 

6-11=Iver and I put finish on Living room ceiling

6-18=Misc. Shower for Sharon and Wilbur at Don and Pat’s

7-2=Wilbur and Sharon shower here with 12 present. Nice

7-6=Wilbur & Sharon starts vacation until 23rd.

7-8=Wilbur and Sharon married 2 PM, Little Brown Church, Nashua, IA. Met M/M Fellows

7-9=Honey moon in Milwaukee til 7-11.

7-18=To Dr. Bombcamp (Ab. On face).

7-26=Stanley [home products] party - Helen - 9:30.

8-16=23 here for Dad’s birthday

8-18=Nash Finch picnic @ CBZJ park

8-23=My Mom’s 83 rd birthday.

9-12=Dad helped Ed at his store. [ Dad helped each son at various time during year]

9-27=Sewing at the coliseum [?] [several times in the year]

10-5=In bed with mumps 8 days. Got many calls and cards.

11-7=To Dr.Bombcamp (about nerves) Med. $ .92

11-15= to Dr. [?]

11-21=Cliff’s stopped on way to Stoughton. Wisc.

11-25=Delay Thanksgiving with Cliff and Lydia. Total 25 here.

12-8=Letter from St.Cloud VA hosp. About Todd N. Talked to lawyer. [?] Letter to VA 12-12.

12-19=Furnace out. Dad got burn on face, head and hair from ‘puff’.

12-21=Joel’s birthday party here. Stayed thru 23rd. 31 at Paul’s for Xmas party.

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