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1-3=Went to work. [He worked 1 to 5 days per week most weeks.]

1-7=Saw Sharon in hosp. Sharon went home 1-8. [Sharon taken here/there a few times in Jan.]

2-10=Got washing from Don today.

2-17=Baked a loaf of bread.

2-19=Help Susan move and had lunch there and stop at Paul’s.

3-5=Help Tom move.

3-20=Paul was here [often]

3-21=Home all day. [A frequent entry] Cooking a roast dinner.

4-2=Up to Don’s and help him with kitchen cabinets.

4-5=Sharon was here.

4-9=Sunday. Went to church.[Often] Went to Amana with Don and Pat.

4-16=Went to Paula wedding

5-14=Painted front porch.

5-19=Went to eye doctor. Also on 6-16 and 7-8..

5-28=Went to Des Moines with Wilbur/Sharon to see my sister.

5-29=Went to church. Went to cemetery with Pat/Don.

6-3=Paul was here with Chris’s 2 boys.

6-5=Paul & Tom was here with pictures.

6-9=Help Mary R. [Shopping and had dinner with her].

6-16=Jon graduated for Riverside high school.

6-19=Fathers day. Went to Wendy Oaks. Took Scott and Bruce along. Had lunch with Chris and Wayne. Cards from Paul, Cliff. Shirt (Don, Earl) Wilbur, Bruce came.

6-23=Was up to Don’s birthday. Ice cream & cake.

6-27=Tom/Paula was here. Chicken supper

7-4=Was out to Dave/Sue. Was up to Don’s for dinner. Watched the Fire Works. .

7-11=Pat to hospital. Was in surgery 7-12.

7-13=Not too good today. I did not get up.

7-15=Went to hosp. To see Pat. Pat home on the 18th.

7-20=[Visitors: Paul, Cliff, Wilbur, Larry]

7-24=Went to Tipton to races. [bike?] Also on the 31st with Bruce and Scott. [Also on 9-10]

8-5=Went to K Mart with Paul & Don. Bought a gift for Chris baby and went out there.

8-6=Worst rain in 20 year. Water in basement.

8-11=Got my drivers license.

8-14=Up to Jim and Nadine’s with Geo and Mae. Seen Kathy Family. Seen Joanne and Don.

9-5=Went to races at Wendy Oaks..

9-13=Sharon was here. Had supper with me and help clean the house.

10-16=Went to hosp. Seen Doug. Doug came home the 21st.

10-23=Gave Kathy Mom’s watch. Don was here and got the washing. Got some Halloween candy. Paul was here. Got Ma’s clothes.

11-10=Went to Don /Pat for supper & ice cream & cake for Doug Birthday.

11-19=Went to Des Moines to my sister. [Brother] Paul was there.

11-26=Help. Don was here and [I] cut my hand - 4 stitches

12-17=All the boys & family were here. 12-24 to Paul’s afternoon. To Chris in evening.

12-26=Was out to Earl. Was out to Paul.

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