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1-1=Paul was here [ often]

1-2=Home all day [most days in Jan.][visits and eat with Paul, Larry, Wayne, Chris]

1-24=Work today [one to five days per weeks]

2-8=Paul was here. Don was here.

2-12=Went to church. [ about twice a month]

2-23=Paul and Larry to Florida to race.

2-25=To supper with Lu, Paula and Tom.

3-2=Scott was here with my clothes.

3-10=Was out to Tom/Paula’s for supper and went to Chris /Wayne house.

3-12=Don and Bruce was here.

3-26=Easter. Went to church, had breakfast there. Went to Amana with Don/Pat

3-27=Nadine and Jack was here. They took baby bed for Joanne- in May.

4-1=Scott and his girl was here.

4-2=Nadine had heart attack.[?]

4-10=Wilbur was here. Rained today.

4-27=Was at Greg’s in the afternoon, he brought my supper, help him work on the car.

5-1=Nadine called and told me about Joanne, baby girl, 8 # 6 oz. [Jaimie]

5-15=Went to doctor, every thing OK.

5-28=To Church. Went with Don/Pat to cemetery

5-29=Went races with Paul.

6-11=Don stopped for laundry.

6-12=Bruce was here and his boy friend , fixed their [bike] wheels. Also on 7-3.

6-24=Don was here with washing.

7-11=Cliff called [from Calif.] [Brother] Paul’s wife broke her hip. Not too bad.

7-18=To the doctor. To Byran’s birthday party.

7-22=Went with Don to bicycle race .

7-31=To court house. Bought shoes at Pennys.

8-12=Nash Finch picnic.

8-19=To Holiday Inn [78th] birthday. All gang there. My Sister was here.

8-23 to 9-9=[18 dates x’d out!]

9-23=Went to bike races with Don.    Cliff and Lydia was here [from Ames], had lunch.

10-5=Up to Don’s for Bruce birthday

11-7=To Dr. Bomkamp, had flu shot.

11-10=Was at Don/Pat for supper, for Douglas birthday.

11-11=Went to Washington DC.        [By car with Cliff and Eric until 11-18.!]

11-24=Went with Don to Ma’s grave

11-28=Got letters from Sigval [Swede cousin] and from sister.

12-17=The gang was home for Christmas.

12-23=Cliff and family was here .

12-25=Up to Don’s for dinner. And out to Sue and David.

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