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1-1=Scott here with girl friend. Paul was here with the snow blower.

1-8=Work today. [1-17 Last work entry, then no more work entries.] [Many ‘home all day’]

1-29=Baked 2 loaves of bread.

4-14=Cliff & family was here, went out to eat.

4-15=Sunday. Went to Amana for dinner with Don/Pat.

5-8=Bruce stopped and fixed his bike.

5-10=Was to doctor.

5-16=Up to Don/Pat for supper to say goodbye Sue & Dave. Moving to Florida [?]

5-27=Went to Don/Pat with flower to cemetery. Had dinner at the Spring House & to bike races.

6-1=Was out to Earl’s, Stacy party.

6-9=[Neighbor] Mary Reynolds died in hosp.

6-14=Sprayed the house for bugs, ants. Paul was here.

6-24=Up to Don’s birthday party. Home at 6:00 PM.

7-4=[Sister in law] Florence died.

7-6=Was at Dave/Sue’s for Amy birthday.

7-17=Pat is using my car.

7-18=Went with Don to Byran Anderson’s birthday.

7-25=Was to Tom/Paula’s new home.

8-15=Got my drivers license today for 2 years.

8-16=Thursday. Card from Cliff. Card from B. Castle. My birthday today. To card from DeAne and sister. Went out to supper with Don/Pat and Bruce.

8-19=Up [ to] Nadine’s. My sister was there. Cliff and part of his family and the rest of boys and their families. [Big 79th birthday party]

9-29=Cliff/Lydia & Eric here and overnight. Ethel Keyser was here. Wilbur/Sharon, Paul/Lu & Don was here.

10-11=Up to Don/Pat’s for Bruces’s birthday supper.

10-15=Paul was here. Bought davenport and chair with Paul.

11-10=Up to Don/Pat for Douglas’ birthday supper.

11-21=Went into the hospital. 9 days.

11-29=Home from hospital. Geo/Mae came with my supper. [For 4 days]

12-2=Don/Pat was here show me how to fix my roast.

12-8=Phillip/Susan was here.

12-13=Paul was here. Came will my pillows.

12-14=To the doctor with Paul. Went to drug store.

12-16=Scott was here to true [bike] wheel.

12-22=Earl was here and brought some meat, Christmas present.

12-23=Don/Pat was here with present and went [to] David/Sue place.

12-24=Seen Chris and the children. Geo/Mae was here. Scott here at 12 PM. Joanne/Don Ede and Jamie Jo was here and went out to eat. Got present, then to Nadines’s. Going to Paul’s tonight.

12-25=Was at Don/Pat’s for dinner and went to Dave/Sue’s in afternoon. Got many things for Christmas.

12-26=Went and filled my insurance paper for the doctor and hospital. [see 11-21]

12-28=Kathy/Ken and 2 girls was here. [Kelly and Karla]

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